‘Is COVID-19 Gone?’: Symone Sanders Defends Biden’s Mostly-Virtual Campaign Strategy

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Symone Sanders jabbed at President Donald Trump, saying Wednesday that he was “pretending that COVID did not exist.”

Sanders, a senior campaign adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, spoke with Fox News host Bill Hemmer about concerns that Biden wasn’t getting out to campaign in person. (RELATED: ‘This Is Just Despicable’: Symone Sanders Lashes Out At ‘Salacious Lie’ That Biden Is Hiding From Voters)


“Biden’s lack of a travel plan worries some Democrats,” Hemmer began, noting that Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien had made similar comments. “He said you can hide out and count the days underground or be aggressive like the president has been. He’s traveled more in one week last week than Joe Biden traveled since March. Did those Democrat concerns have some merit right now?”

“Yes, Donald Trump is out. But out doing what? Out in the Rose Garden with 100 unmasked people pretending as though COVID doesn’t exist. Is COVID-19 gone?” Sanders asked.

Hemmer began to list the states Trump had visited in the last week, but Sanders talked over him.

“Bill, the reality is that Vice President Biden and Senator Kamala Harris and our campaign, we are going to let the science lead us. We are listening to the experts we are doing and campaigning in a way that is safe,”she said, arguing that virtual campaigning didn’t mean that they weren’t actually resonating with voters.

“My turn. My turn,” Hemmer broke in. “Last week Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. That’s a lot of travel, Simone. They have got billboards up in Wisconsin saying, ‘Where is Joe?’ So I ask you, where is he?”

Sanders mentioned Biden’s statement Wednesday regarding the unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and said that he had stepped out in an effort to calm “the waters.”

She concluded by saying that the campaign was still very active, whether in person or virtually. “We look forward to seeing President Trump on the debate stage on September 29th. We are actively competing in this campaign, and I think that is evident from the attacks that are being lobbed from our Republican friends.”