Report: Off-Duty Officer Stopped A Fight Between Two Men That Involved A Pistol


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An off-duty police officer stopped a fight involving a gun at an intersection in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, according to ABC7.

ABC7 reporter Sam Ford and a photojournalist caught the incident after hearing a crash and then screaming. Ford says a green Chevrolet Tahoe hit a black Lincoln Town car. A woman began screaming that there were kids in the Town Car as the Tahoe fled the scene.

Moments later a man got out of the Town Car and began arguing with a person on the street, according to Ford. The two men then began fighting, appearing to struggle for control over a handgun. Two women then jumped on top of the men trying to gain control of the weapon. (RELATED: ‘I’m Ready To Put These Police In The F**king Grave’: DC Protester Calls For More Violence)

Ford said the man who didn’t have control over the weapon removed the clip and put it in his pocket mid-fight.

Then the off-duty D.C. police officer arrives and steps out of his car, drawing his weapon, according to ABC7. He then tells the man who had just dropped the gun to get on the ground. The officer kicks the gun to the side, as the man lays on the ground.

Within two minutes more than a dozen on-duty officers arrived, according to Ford.

Both men involved in the scuffle were taken away in handcuffs.

Approximately 10 kids were in the Town Car at the time of the accident but no one was hurt.