Symone Sanders Dodges Bret Baier’s Question About Whether Biden Will Take Coronavirus Vaccine If Available

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Symone Sanders dodged a question from “Fox News Sunday” guest-anchor Bret Baier about whether or not Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would take a coronavirus vaccine if available.

“They say they have a plan for that but will Joe Biden get the vaccine if it’s available?” Baier asked during the Sunday morning interview.


“Look, Bret, again as I just noted, first and foremost, I think folks have asked, we’ve had lots of conversations about testing and as folks know now, Vice President Biden and [Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris] are being regularly tested, as are our campaign staff,” Sanders responded. “But first and foremost at top of mind for Vice President Biden is are the American people getting what they need.”

“You know, the White House has testing, folks are tested very regularly coming in and out of the White House, anyone who’s around the president, but that testing, that level of testing is not available to folks across the country so if a vaccine were to become available, again, it’s about will working families benefit, will they be able to receive the vaccine?” she continued, at which point Baier moved to another topic.

While Dr. Anthony Fauci and others have expressed hope that a “safe and effective” coronavirus vaccine could reach the market by the end of 2020, both Biden and Harris have expressed skepticism with President Donald Trump at the helm.

“Why do we think, God willing, when we get a vaccine — that is good, works — why do we think the public is gonna line up to be willing to take the injection?” Biden asked Fox News reporter Peter Doocy last week. “We’ve lost so much confidence, the American people, in what’s said. This president has said so many things that are untrue, that are just wrong.” (RELATED: ‘Reason For Optimism’: Surgeon Tells Tucker Why He Believes There Won’t Be A Coronavirus Second Wave In The Fall)

Harris dodged a similar question from CNN’s Dana Bash last week, saying she “would not trust Donald Trump” to tell the truth about the safety and efficacy of a vaccine.