Chris Scaring Remembers Losing His Friend, Timothy Coughlin On 9/11

Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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Chris Scaring and Timothy Coughlin were best friends, or as Scaring he said, he was just “one of them, Tim had many best friends.”“

“I was actually on the phone with Timmy when the plane hit, It went dead, we didn’t know why.”  Scaring said, recalling the events of September 11, 2001.


Ten seconds later Scaring looked up to the TV screen and watched the tragic events unfold.

“I knew he was on the 101st floor so we kinda counted down.” Scaring looked over to the person trading next to him, and said, “That’s not good.”

Nineteen years since losing his best friend that day, Scaring still sports Coughlin’s signature goatee — that and a shamrock tattoo just like he had.

In the bar in Scaring’s home, he has a wall dedicated to the approximately 100 people he knew that died on 9/11. The mahogany shelves hold countless shamrocks, pictures of him and Coughlin and a steel cross made from the rubble of the twin towers.

“This is my wall where I get to remember Tim, 9/11, and friends.” Scaring explained.“I remember the type of person he was, and how important he was to my family.” (RELATED: Honor The 19-Year Anniversary Of 9/11 With The Story Of The Man In The Red Bandana)

When I asked Scaring if he would ever shave his goatee, he replied, “I never will.”

Watch the full video to find out more about Coughlin’s story.

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