Give Your Feet A Little Love With This Deluxe Massaging Footrest

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Whether you work on your feet or are stuck sitting behind a desk for hours on end, kicking back and putting your feet up is something we all look forward to at the end of a long day. While receiving a nice long foot massage every night would be ideal, there are some innovative gadgets out there that can stimulate some serious relaxation.

That’s where the Foot Vibe Deluxe Massaging Footrest comes into play. It may look like your run-of-the-mill footrest, but this machine can give you long-lasting foot and calf massages whenever you want, helping you to relax on a whole new level.

Thanks to its innovative tilted design, the Foot Vibe massager can give your feet and calves effective massages, helping to relieve soreness and tension. The platform, which is adorned in a rubberized textured pattern, helps support your arches and promotes a more muscle-penetrating massage. And don’t worry, the platform is large enough to accommodate all foot sizes, big and small.

You can choose from a whopping 20 different vibration settings, adjusting the speed based on your comfort level. In addition, you’ll also have nine massage programs at your disposal, helping you to fine-tune your experience. You can also tilt the platform forward to get a more thorough calf massage in addition to your feet.

For a limited time, you can snag the Foot Vibe Deluxe Massaging Footrest at nearly 10% off, making it just $149.99.

Price subject to change.

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