Jimbo Fisher Says Texas A&M Now Expects To Win Big Games After Losing To Alabama By 28 Points

Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr/The Tuscaloosa News via USA TODAY Sports via Reuters

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Texas A&M football coach Jimbo Fisher recently had a delusional comment about the status of his program.

The Aggies were boat raced off of the field Saturday by Alabama to the tune of 52-24. What’s the difference between A&M now and a few years ago? Well, apparently they now expect to win those games! (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

According to Brian Perroni, Fisher told the media in part Monday, “One, we expected to win the game. When we first got here, we didn’t expect to win those games.”

I’m not sure what delusional planet Fisher is living on, but this comment makes no sense. He is aware that A&M beat Alabama with Johnny Manziel, right?

The Aggies have already beaten Alabama once in the past decade. To say just now there’s the expectation is laughably delusional.

Secondly, Jimbo Fisher’s $75 million contract is looking more and more ridiculous with every single passing day.

I’m guessing he knows that, and he’s now searching for moral victory. That’s the only way to rationalize this quote.

You can’t lose by 28 and then tell the media at least you expected to win the game! What an absolute joke and sad state of affairs in College Station.


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Fisher better find a way to win a lot of games in the near future or the seat he’s sitting on will start to feel very hot.