‘Play A Dead Hand, Joe’: Joy Behar Says Biden Should Stonewall Voters, Democrats Should Pack The Court


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“The View” host Joy Behar said Monday that she saw no problem with Democratic presidential nominee continuing to stonewall voters on the issue of packing the Supreme Court.

In addition to saying that Biden should continue to refuse to address the issue, Behar said that Democrats should go ahead and add justices to the Supreme Court if they believed it was necessary.


Behar began by claiming that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had already packed the court by blocking judges appointed by former President Barack Obama and then confirming those appointed by President Donald Trump. (RELATED: ‘McConnell Is An Absolute Gangster’: Meghan McCain Says Republicans Should Replace RBG, But Beware)

“He stopped the Merrick Garland nomination. Now he’s pushing this Coney woman through — Barrett rather,” Behar explained.

“And so if the Democrats feel that they want to put more justices in, they should do it,” Behar continued. “But I don’t believe — because it’s not just about being vindictive. It’s about justice. It’s about — you know, they’re totally justified in doing it.”

Behar then pivoted to address the fact that Biden has said on several occasions that he would not say whether he intended to pack the court until after he was elected — even going so far as to tell one Las Vegas reporter that voters “didn’t deserve” a response to the question because they were “probably Republicans.” (RELATED: ‘This Is A Simple Question’: Jake Tapper Pushes Biden Campaign For An Answer On Court Packing)

“I don’t think that Joe Biden should show his hand now. Absolutely not,” Behar concluded. “The base will be disappointed if he says he’s not going to do it, and the rest of the country gets upset when he says he’s going to do it on their side. So why should — play a dead hand, Joe. Play a dead hand.”