‘We’re A Republic’: Trent England On Electoral College, Possible Tie In November

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Trent England, the founder and executive director of “Save Our States,” spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the role of the electoral college, what happens if there is a tie and more.

As the presidential election rapidly approaches, the purpose of the Electoral College and its role in the November election have been questioned. According to a Pew Research, “a majority of Americans continue to favor replacing Electoral College with a nationwide popular vote.”

“People don’t really realize or maybe think about the fact that we’re a republic,” England said. “We have a representative system. We have states. We tend to get sucked up into these national political conversations and forget about the importance of the Constitution that pushes power down,”

He added, “we also don’t realize that most of the other big ‘democratic counties’ of the world use a two-step process. A couple of them use the Electoral College-type system.” (RELATED: Here’s What Would Happen If Trump And Biden Tie In November)

England also discussed what would happen if President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden receive the same amount of Electoral College votes, addressed some of the concerns against the electoral system and more.


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