Miley Cyrus’ Dog Was Electrocuted On The Set Of ‘The Voice’

(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs)

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Musician Miley Cyrus revealed her dog was once electrocuted on the set of “The Voice.”

Cyrus opened up about the situation during Thursday’s episode of “Geena The Latina and Frankie V Morning Show.”

“You know on sets there’s like wires everywhere,” Cyrus said. “We got all the people singing, everyone is huddled around … and my dog goes and bites on the wires of the TV everyone’s watching and all of a sudden we notice she’s convulsing and getting electrocuted.” (RELATED: Miley Cyrus Says She Thought All Guys Were Evil’: I Always Thought I Had To Be Gay)

Cyrus claimed the situation was “handled” and that her dog was “totally thriving and fine.” However, she called the event one of the “most embarrassing things” her dog has ever done.

That is terrible. I can’t imagine watching my dog be electrocuted in front of a ton of people. I can see why it would be embarrassing, but I’m also glad that Little Dog is okay.

This isn’t the first time Cyrus has been embarrassed by her dog.

“My dog’s a freak, I’ll say that,” Cyrus said while talking about her dog Mary Jane. “I had to send a vinyl record player to this human that got … my dog did something very wrong. I had to send an apology gift!”