Noah Cyrus Says Growing Up As Miley Cyrus’ Little Sister ‘Was Unbearable’

(Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

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Musician Noah Cyrus opened up about growing up in the “shadow” of big sister Miley Cyrus.

Noah became emotional talking about her experience during an Instagram live Friday, according to a report published by Entertainment Tonight.

“Being born in the family I was in, everybody gave me such a hard time for having a hard time being Miley’s little sister, but, you know, I always felt like I was that person that no one gave a s**t about due to what people said to me online,” Noah explained. “It was absolutely unbearable.

Noah wrote the song “Young And Sad” about growing up in the shadow of her super famous sister. (RELATED: Miley Cyrus Reveals The First Thing She’s Going To Do Post-Quarantine)

“That was something I heard my whole life, every single day, my whole life,” Noah continued. “And it was either that or that I wasn’t enough in some way, whether it was the way I look or the way I am. Like I said the other day, I feel like sometimes I feel like I don’t even breathe right sometimes.”

It must have been hard for Noah. When Miley was at her peak during the “Hannah Montana” years, she was every single young girl’s biggest idol. I’m not sure what effect that would have on someone.

It seems like it would have been awful growing up trying to live up to the precedent that your older sister set.