‘He Provided A Public Service’: Joy Behar Thanks Jeffrey Toobin For Distracting From Trump


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar offered her thanks to CNN political analyst Jeffrey Toobin, saying that his inappropriate workplace Zoom-call had “provided a public service.”

Behar and her cohosts on ABC’s “The View” responded Tuesday to the news that Toobin had been first suspended by The New Yorker and then granted leave from CNN after colleagues saw him masturbating during a Zoom call. (RELATED: ‘We’re Doomed’: Joy Behar Worries A Trump Win Would Be ‘The End Of Democracy’)


Sunny Hostin weighed in first, saying that even though Toobin had been in his own home at the time, being part of a work call meant he could potentially be accused of “sexualizing the workplace.” She went on to ask whether anyone had considered investigating Toobin’s actions as “addictive behavior” or behavior that was a product of the pandemic.

Sara Haines joked that, while she normally thought of women as better at multi-tasking, adding, “This is a gear switch I could leave only to a man.”

“It’s the most unsexy thing I’ve ever heard of,” Haines continued.

Behar jumped in then as well, saying, “I can relate to it. It easily could happen to me. Not that I sit around naked. I don’t. I don’t know how to use the technology. The other thing is when I heard this yesterday, I said, ‘Thank you, Jeffrey, for giving us something else to talk about besides Trump and this pandemic.’ In that way he provided a public service. I could do ten jokes here. I’m not going to.”