9 Members Of Chinese Family Die After Eating Toxic Noodles

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Nine members of a Chinese family reportedly died after eating homemade noodles that had been frozen for a year.

Nine out of 12 members of the family ate Suantangzi for breakfast on Oct. 5 and shortly after became ill, according to News.com. The noodles reportedly poisoned the family with bongkrek acid.

Seven family members were reportedly dead by Oct. 9 and another by Oct. 12. The last family member who had eaten the noodles died Monday, per the outlet, and three children survived after choosing not to eat the noodles. (RELATED: Law Enforcement Intercepted Poison Package Addressed To President Trump)

Bongrek acid is a respiratory toxin produced by the bacterium pseudomonas cocovenenans, the outlet reported. The acid was reportedly found in the intestines of the deceased family members.

“It can cause serious damage to many human organs including the liver, kidneys, heart, and brain,” Gao reportedly told China News Service. “Currently, there is no specific antidote. Once poisoned, the fatality rate can be as high as 40 percent to 100 percent.”

Imagine your family serving you leftovers and then just dying from it? That’s terrible. Who is going to take care of the three children left behind? This is such a sad story.

Now I’m terrified to eat leftovers, although I don’t think we even have anything that’s been in the freezer for over a year. Everyone needs to start being more aware of expiration dates so they don’t die.