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‘Cheating … Is Done At The Local Level’: How Vote-By-Mail Might Hit Local Races The Hardest


Adam Barnes General Assignment Reporter
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A stolen ballot here or a hundred undelivered ballots there seem unlikely to sway national results in an election already seeing record early voting turnout. But voter fraud — and more importantly, a variety of other ballot mishaps — can be viewed apart from the presidential contest. Where it really matters is at the local level.

The specter of widespread disenfranchisement looms over the upcoming election, as well as the potential litigation which could follow. A New Jersey postal carrier was arrested for discarding mail, reportedly including 99 general election ballots. Trash bags full of mail — but apparently no ballots — were found outside a Pennsylvania postal carrier’s home. A construction contractor found another 112 undelivered ballots in a dumpster at a construction site near Louisville, Kentucky. (RELATED: Over 100 Undelivered Absentee Ballots Discovered In Kentucky Dumpster)