Tour The New Border Wall With Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott

(Screenshot, Daily Caller)

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The Chief Of The Border Patrol Rodney Scott provided the Daily Caller a closer look at the border wall along California and Arizona.

“This wall works. I say all the time and I really mean it — I’ve been doing this job for 28 years,” Chief Of The Border Patrol Rodney Scott said, “there’s no other single investment that we can make that lasts this long and has an immediate return on investment.”

Scott added, “every mile of wall we build allows one single agent to cover more border area. That’s a return on the taxpayers’ investment every single day.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: The Daily Caller Takes A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The New Border Wall)

“I like to highlight, for example, San Diego,” he said. “When we built out this system and proved that it worked, it freed up 150 agents every 24 hours to be shifted into other areas.”

Scott also provides a firsthand look at ‘sand rides,’ a closer look at the border wall and more.


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