Investigation Begins After Video Appears To Show Two People Having Sex In Voice Of America Office Building

Daily Caller

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Employees at Health and Human Services captured video appearing to show two people having sex up against the window of the Voice Of America broadcasting group’s office building across the street, video obtained by the Daily Caller shows.

Voice of America has confirmed an investigation into the matter is underway. The video, which the Daily Caller reviewed but will not publish, was allegedly taken Oct. 29 around 3:00 PM by a staffer from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The video appears to show a couple having sex in full view of the public in the window as the people filming laugh behind the camera. (RELATED: Voice Of America Currently Employs A Former Russian Anti-U.S. Propagandist)

Video appears to show two people having sex in the Voice of America office building

A video appears to show two people having sex in the Voice of America office building

“This is a serious matter currently under investigation by the agency,” a spokesperson from the U.S. Agency for Global Media, the agency that operates VOA, told the Daily Caller. “Appropriate action will be taken when all facts are gathered.”

“Immediately after USAGM Chief of Staff Emily Newman was alerted of the video, she took the appropriate actions,” the spokesperson added. “USAGM’s Office of Labor and Employee Relations is handling the investigation.”

Voice of America is a government-owned, taxpayer-funded international broadcaster that distributes content around the world. They claim to be nonpartisan but faced scrutiny last year when the Daily Caller discovered that multiple reporters posted anti-Trump content on social media. VOA policy requires that employees remain neutral on social media.