People From All Sides Come Out To Praise CNN’s John King For Election Night Coverage

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Shelby Talcott Media Reporter
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A variety of people praised CNN anchor John King for his election night coverage Tuesday evening.

King was just one of several primetime anchors covering the 2020 election for CNN and was in charge of the network’s “Magic Wall,” an interactive touch screen allowing for in-depth coverage of realtime data throughout the evening. As the long evening wore on, many remarked on King’s impressive work.

Every four years I’m reminded that John King is one of the best broadcasters I’ve ever seen,” sports talk show host Sid Seixeiro tweeted. (RELATED: CNN Cuts Off Trump Speech, John King Accuses President Of ‘Wrong, Misleading, Or Outright Lies’)

Sports Illustrated journalist Pat Forde called King “a map machine on CNN,” adding that it “looks like he can go another six hours.” Forde wasn’t the only one taken aback by King’s endless coverage, with journalist Mahir Zeynalov dubbing him the “winner of this election … after speaking for 255 hours.”

After midnight, comedian Roy Wood Jr. pointed out that King had “been on his feet since” 7 p.m.

CNN is about to have John King work 72 hours straight with one 15 minute lunch break,” HuffPost’s front page editor Philip Lewis tweeted.

Others praised King for keeping a cool head, noting that he often appeared to calm CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, who was also covering the evening.

I feel like John King‘s only job on CNN right now is calming down Wolf Blitzer,” professor Tom Nichols tweeted.

Whatever happens, god bless John King,” Seth Mandel, executive editor of the Washington Examiner, declared.

King took a short break Wednesday morning and returned to his board around 11 a.m., prompting shocked and excited reactions from his fans.

“Unstoppable,” Mandel tweeted upon King’s return to the big screen Wednesday. (RELATED: ‘I’ll Call It Out’: CNN’s John King Says Hunter Biden Is ‘A Swamp Creature’)