Juan Williams: Lack Of A ‘Blue Wave’ Is ‘A Chastening Moment For Democrats’

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Fox News contributor Juan Williams said the close 2020 election is “a chastening moment for Democrats” hoping for a “blue wave.”

Going into Tuesday night, pollsters overwhelmingly had Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden with significant leads in most battleground states, leading to some predictions of a so-called blue wave. However, the race ended up being much closer than most predicted.

“Is it a repudiation of Democrats in some way that it’s turning out this tight, nowhere near what the polls said going in? How do you see it?” Fox News anchor Brett Baier asked Williams during election analysis Wednesday morning on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”


“Well, I think for Democrats it is a chastening moment,” Williams said. “It’s one of these mornings where you wake up and shake your head, Bret. So many of the Democrats, I think, thought there was the possibility of a blue wave last night. But they also realized that it could be very close. They didn’t expect that it would be necessarily easy. But I’m saying the fringes of possibilities both existed including that blue wave.”

“You wake up this morning and you think, ‘Wow, are people out of touch?’ Because what Democrats see is a presidency that’s been divisive, chaotic at times. We were just talking about the Latino community. We know the president’s harsh rhetoric with regard to immigrants. People are thinking, ‘Why is that? How can they just vote for Donald Trump?’ They don’t understand it.”

Williams said Democrats will need to do some analysis to figure out “who are your voters” and how Republicans have managed to “somehow gets their folks out with such passion.” (RELATED: ‘He’s An IDIOT!’: Cenk Uygur Freaks Out As Trump-Biden Election Stays Close)

“I think Democrats see this as politics, maybe Republicans see it as something else,” he concluded.

CNN analyst Van Jones likewise was disappointed that the tight election wasn’t “a repudiation of this direction for the country.”

“And the fact that it’s this close … hurts,” Jones said Tuesday night. “It just hurts. I think people got their hopes up looking at those polls.”