Over 50 People Beheaded In Mozambique By ISIS-Linked Terrorists

(Photo by DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent
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ISIS-linked terrorists beheaded and dismembered more than 50 people over three days at a soccer field in Mozambique, according to local reports. 

The terrorists launched attacks on villages in the areas of Miudumbe and Macomia, burning down homes and kidnapping women and children, according to the New York Post. Others were then taken to a soccer field in Muatide where more than 50 people were beheaded and “chopped up,” as reported by Al Jazeera. (RELATED: ‘The Terrorist Risk Is Everywhere’ — Macron Calls For Stricter European Borders After Recent Attacks)

The militants who carried out the brutal attack — which included several more beheadings in another nearby village — are allegedly attempting to form an Islamic state in the area, the BBC reported. The attackers chanted “allahu akbar” while carrying out the atrocities, which lasted multiple days, per the BBC. 

The group goes by the name “Al-Shabaab” but do not have any apparent connection to a terrorist group that operates under the same name in Somalia, per Al Jazeera. They have been committing these types of mass killings for three years now in the region, according to the Post. Last year they pledged allegiance to ISIS and have been building their own mosques throughout northeastern Mozambique, the Post says, citing Amnesty International. (RELATED: Russian Soldier Killed Officer With Axe, Shot Two More In Murder Spree, Investigators Say)