HART: What To Expect With A Biden Presidency

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Ron Hart Contributor
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What should we expect in a Biden presidency? It depends on the Senate races in Georgia and if Republicans can maintain a majority to stop anything radical. Most Americans like “divided” government. It keeps Washington in check. The great P.J. O’Rourke said, “The mystery of government is not how Washington works but how to make it stop.”

There was not a “blue wave,” which would presuppose a mandate, in the election. Dems lost congressional seats and Republicans gained seats in state legislatures. Trump was not defeated by Joe Biden, but by the media’s narrative on COVID and by his own gruff personality.

You can already see where this COVID thing is going.  Biden said he would have done things “better,” but he never said what he would have done. I cannot wait to see his brilliant plan.

It will be like Chicago and Atlanta, where both mayors issued a 14-day homicide-at-home edict in order to flatten the curve. Expect your civil liberties to be sacrificed with more contact tracing and diktats. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has told people to not gather for Thanksgiving. My wife bought some Hawaiian bread rolls that serve 12, so I think our house may be under government surveillance.

To keep the virus from spreading from visitors, I’d suggest that Mayor Lightfoot not allow anyone in the state who pronounces Illinois with an “s.”

In a Harris/Biden administration, we will not have speeches by the president that are interesting and really say much of anything, unlike Trump’s. They will all be focus group-tested, high-minded political rhetoric. So far, all we get from the Harris/Biden presidency is that they are here to be nice, heal the nation and unite us — you know, the same folks they called “deplorables” and “racists” a scant two weeks ago. It is kind of like someone coming up to you in a bar, calling you awful names, and then sucker punching you in the face. When you wake up, he wants to talk about unity and getting along.

Assuming no blockbuster election/computer fraud is discovered, we are in for a Biden presidency. This means gaffes and graft. He will get the old gang together, political hacks from the Obama administration and folks he owes favors.

Policies will entail more heavy-handed regulations, higher taxes and bigger government. Remember, the stock market is at an all-time high. I paid $1.55 a gallon for gas in Chattanooga last week. We will see big energy regulations eating up more of our wallets.

Even though it has never worked, Democrats think more government is the answer to everything. You will see Ivy League knuckleheads from the failed Obama administration like Larry Summers, Austin Goolsby, et al. applying their faculty lounge theories to the economy. They are quick to remind you that they went to Harvard. So did the Unabomber.

And when their plans don’t work — and they won’t — they blame the greed of others, systemic racism and white privilege. Remember, health care costs skyrocketed under the “Affordable Care Act,” aka Obamacare. Men were covered for gynecological exams and women for prostate exams. The only big winner under Obamacare was Caitlyn Jenner.

So all around America over the Thanksgiving table this year, we will be counting our blessings. In Georgia and Pennsylvania, they will be recounting their blessings. What we learned in this election is that dead people do not always vote, but when they do, they vote 100% for Democrats in big cities.

Trump will concede soon. And on “Saturday Night Live,” Alec Baldwin soon will cede control of playing Joe Biden to Jim Carrey. All things pass, even if they are as painful as kidney stones.

For those who voted for Trump, the key thing to remember is that Biden might be his own man, a centrist Democrat, and may not inflict a leftist agenda upon us. He likely will not run again in four years at age 82, so maybe he will not have to answer to the AOC wing of the Democrat party.

One of the other good things about this election is that CNN should have even lower ratings, and might even be sold. Many think current stakeholders in CNN, which include the DNC, Ukraine and China, might be the natural bidders.

Ron is a libertarian syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author and TV commentator. He can be reached at Ron@RonaldHart.com or on Twitter @RonaldHart.