Punxsutawney Announces Extraordinary Measure For Famous Groundhog Day Celebration

This is not a picture of Punxsutawney Phil. (Brian E Kushner. Shutterstock)

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Groundhog Club announced Wednesday that Phil the groundhog will make his live annual Prognostication from Gobbler’s Knob on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, 2021.

To mitigate the risks of transmitting COVID-19, there will not be any in-person attendance or guests in the Pennsylvania town of Punxsutawney, a press release from the group states.

A marmot (pictured above) is in the rodent family like a groundhog. (Bahadir Yeniceri/Shutterstock)

Instead, the Club’s Inner Circle’s Special Committee that monitors COVID-19 is “developing numerous live internet, website and virtual events and interactions that will take the place of the traditional in person events,” the press release states. More information can be found at (RELATED: Jeep’s ‘Groundhog Day’ Commercial Featuring Bill Murray Is The Top-Rated 2020 Super Bowl Commercial)

“We want to assure Phil’s fans that even though the 2021 celebration will look different, the Inner Circle is excited to develop numerous virtual events and new opportunities to celebrate Groundhog Day,” the press release states.

The press release coincided with a video in which Jeffrey Lundy, president of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, asked if Phil agrees with the plan.

“Phil thinks it’s a great idea. Phil is looking forward to seeing all of you online,” Lundy said.