Trump Retweets Video Segment Featuring ‘Cyber Analyst’ Who Moderated QAnon Message Board

Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Heather Edwards Contributor
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President Donald Trump tweeted a video clip from One American News Network (OANN) to his 88.9 million followers Wednesday that featured an interviewee who is allegedly connected to the “QAnon” community, according to Newsweek.

The video clip features an interview with a man named Ron Watkins, who was described as a “large systems technical analyst,” Newsweek reported. Watkins was at one time the administrator of the controversial message board 8kun, the site that QAnon conspiracy followers believe is currently being used to distribute secret government information, the outlet reports.

Watkins asserts there are major security issues in Dominion’s system, the software used in U.S. elections, based on his review of the company’s potential system access vulnerabilities, according to Newsweek. Watkins said that if the physical device can’t be secured, then officials have no security.

USB drives and a laptop were reportedly stolen in October from an election machine warehouse in a key Philadelphia voting precinct, according to CBS News.  (RELATED: QAnon Reigns Free On Amazon Despite Its Recent Ban of Proud Boys, Redskins Merchandise) 

The QAnon conspiracy theory became widely known in 2017, when an anonymous individual who claimed to be a high-ranking Trump confidant began posting messages to the 4chan message board. Members of the community believed this individual, known as “Q,” was dropping clues about the President’s supposed involvement in a counterintelligence operation designed to route out prominent Democrats and deep state operatives involved in a worldwide sex trafficking network.

The community has since fractured, with many now believing that “Q” is disseminating information through 8kun.

Last week, the president tweeted out another OANN report claiming that Dominion had deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide. This claim is unsubstantiated.

Earlier today, Trump’s legal team held a press conference explaining that there is enough “direct evidence” to demonstrate the existence of voter fraud, specifically in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The alleged evidence has not yet been produced.