‘Enough To Overturn Any Election’ — Trump Campaign Holds Press Conference Laying Out Their Evidence Of Voter Fraud

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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President Donald Trump’s legal team held a press conference Thursday afternoon, explaining the alleged evidence of voter fraud they believe would have impacted the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The press conference was led by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who was joined by Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis, lawyer Sidney Powell, and lawyer Joe Digenova. Giuliani, explained that they believe there is “direct evidence” to show there was voter fraud in the presidential election.

Giuliani specifically mentioned Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia throughout the presser. In the presser, Giuliani said the evidence they have is “enough to overturn any election.”

“The recount in Georgia will tell us nothing because these fraudulent ballots will just be counted again,” Giuliani said about the recount effort in the state of Georgia.

Trump’s lawsuits thus far do not allege voter fraud on a large enough scale to flip a state.


During the presser, Giuliani also said there is a pattern in the voting data that suggests “a plan from a centralized place” to commit voter fraud in Democrat-run cities. Giuliani also said the Trump campaign will likely bring a lawsuit to Arizona. (RELATED: President Trump’s Campaign Files For Partial Recount In Wisconsin)

Just hours before the press conference, Trump’s campaign withdrew a lawsuit trying to stop the state of Michigan from certifying its election results Thursday, Giuliani said in a Thursday statement. (RELATED: Trump Campaign Drops Lawsuit Challenging Michigan Election Results)

Trump has yet to concede the election.