Ann Coulter On Georgia: ‘The Future Of Western Civilization Comes Down To This State’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The Daily Caller’s Vincent Shkreli sat down with political commentator and author Ann Coulter to discuss the election, President Donald Trump and the future of the nation — which Coulter says hinges on Georgia’s Senate runoff races.

“It all comes down to Georgia,” Coulter told the Daily Caller. “The future of western civilization comes down to this state.”


“It all comes down to who wins the runoff. And Democrats, they’re not wasting time in fighting. No, they started on Election Day organizing down here – they’re not screwing around.” (RELATED: What’s At Stake For Republicans In The Georgia Senate Races)

Coulter said Republicans need to focus their efforts on the Senate races rather than the presidential election results.

Coulter said Republicans are too preoccupied with challenging the presidential results, which could hurt the Grand Ol’ Party in the future should Republican incumbent Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler lose their bids for reelection.

Trump has urged Republicans to vote in Georgia.

“No, the 2020 Election was a total scam, we won by a lot (and will hopefully turn over the fraudulent result), but we must get out and help David and Kelly, two GREAT people. Otherwise we are playing right into the hands of some very sick people. I will be in Georgia on Saturday!”

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