Mysterious Monolith Appears In California After Others Disappeared In Utah And Romania

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A monolith similar to those that previously appeared in Utah and Romania has been found in California.

The three-sided monolith appeared Wednesday morning on the top of Pine Mountain near the small town of Atascadero, California, The Atascadero News first reported.

Hikers from around the area started making the trek to see and snap a picture with the structure, according to The Atascadero News report.

The ten-foot tall monolith appears to be made of stainless steel welded together, and is suspected to be hollow, according to The Atascadero News. (RELATED: Pentagon Officially Releases US Navy Footage Of Three UFOs, Confirms Videos Are Real)

The first monolith was found Nov. 24 in Utah by public safety workers surveying the area for bighorn sheep. By Nov. 27, the federal Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Utah office said the monolith had been removed “by an unknown party.”

“The BLM did not remove the structure which is considered private property. We do not investigate crimes involving private property which are handled by the local sheriff’s office,” the bureau said.

A photographer claimed he witnessed the monolith’s removal by a group of four men.


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Another monolith was found Nov. 26 in Romania in Piatra Neamt near the ancient Petrodava Dacian Fortress and faced Mount Ceahlau — a holy mountain. It also quickly disappeared.