‘Garcetti, You F*ck’: Michael Rapaport Slams California COVID-19 Restrictions After Seeing Flea Market Open

(Credit: Instagram/Screenshot: @michaelrapaport)

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Actor Michael Rapaport criticized Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s new coronavirus restrictions in a video posted to social media Sunday.

Rapaport said in the Instagram video that it doesn’t make sense that restaurants have to close down under the new restrictions, but a flea market depicted in the video can stay open.


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“Yo, look at this sh*t,” Rapaport said in the video as he recorded the flea market, open near Fairfax High School. (RELATED: Video Shows LA Restaurant Owner Furious Over Outdoor Dining Restrictions As Movie Company Sets Up Tents Next Door)

“The f*ckin’ Melrose-Fairfax farmer’s market is poppin’! And I have no problem with all of these people making their money and making a living but how the f*ck is this okay but right across the street, all the cafes, all of the restaurants are shut down?” he continued.

“Look at this sh*t!” Rapaport said in the video. “Get your money, but who’s making the decisions here? Garcetti, you f*ck! Gavin Newsom with the f*ckin’ good hair! You f*ck! Look they got the music playing and all of this sh*t. This sh*t don’t make any f*ckin’ sense. This don’t make any f*ckin’ sense. This is why motherf*ckers are pissed off and protesting!”

Garcetti shut down indoor dining and outdoor dining with new coronavirus restrictions implemented at the end of November. As previously reported, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors decided to shut down outdoor dining with a 3-2 vote Tuesday, citing COVID-19 transmission concerns. (RELATED: Hours After Voting To Ban Outdoor Dining, LA County Supervisor Dined Outdoors)

All Southern California restaurants were expected to close for outdoor dining, as ICU capacity falling below 15% triggered a new regional stay-at-home order.