‘Pagans’ Motorcycle Gang Members Arrested For Drug Trafficking, Jewelry And Cash Seized

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Andrew Jose Contributor
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Thirty ‘Pagans’ Motorcycles Club members and affiliates were apprehended and handed drug-trafficking charges in Western Pennsylvania, according to multiple reports. 

The indictments, were part of an investigation into ‘Pagans Motorcycle Club’ (PMC) members and associates, operating within and near western Pennsylvania, “engaging in illegal activity, including federal violations of drug and firearm laws,” according to a Wednesday Department of Justice (DOJ) press release. The FBI led this case’s investigation along with several other agencies.

About 12 firearms, 28,000 USD in cash, jewelry, and “significant quantities” of narcotics were seized in raids involving 300 federal agents, according to the Independent. (RELATED: Meth And Cocaine Seized From Unmanned Aircraft Illegally Flying Into California, CBP Says)

The 30 arrested persons were charged in “three separate indictments,” CBS Pittsburgh reported.

The widespread investigation further identified “large-scale” illegal-substance-suppliers who also served local drug dealers in the Greater Pittsburgh Region, besides serving members and affiliates of the PMC, according to the DOJ press release. 

“For decades, the Pagans have used violence to control cocaine, heroin, and meth trafficking throughout western Pennsylvania: that stops now. With the arrests of 30 members and associates of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club, including higher-ranking members, we have disrupted their criminal organization and made western Pennsylvania safer,” U.S. Attorney Scott Brady said, according to the press release.

A violent outlaw group whose members deal with cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, marijuana, and other prohibited substances, The ‘Pagans’ are among the eastern U.S.’s most notorious outlaw motorbike gangs, according to the DOJ.