‘Nice Try’: TSA Finds Box Cutters Smuggled In A Shampoo Bottle

Alex Corey Contributor
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Transportation Security Administration officers at Boston’s Logan Airport shared Monday morning that they recently caught a passenger who tried to board a plane with box cutters concealed inside a shampoo bottle.

TSA New England shared photos on Twitter that showed two black box cutters hidden inside a Head and Shoulders shampoo bottle. (RELATED: Colorado State Rep Arrested For Bringing Loaded Gun To The Airport)

“Nice try…but TSA officers at Boston Logan International Airport still caught a passenger trying to make a ‘clean’ get away by packing two box cutters in a shampoo bottle,” officials said in a Tweet. 

Massachusetts State Police responsed to the incident and confiscated the items, according to the TSA. Authorities haven’t provided any further information at this time.

TSA agents at Logan have seen some creative ways passengers try to hide weapons before boarding a flight. In 2019, a British woman tried to smuggle four table knives in a neoprene-style knee brace, CBS Boston reported.

Last month, a passenger at the Boston airport tried to board a plane with throwing knives, the agency said in another post.