‘A Cover For The Grift’: Sunny Hostin Says Trump Legal Challenges Were Meant To Get Money From ‘Gullible Supporters’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sunny Hostin said Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s continued legal challenges were designed to bilk millions of dollars from his “gullible supporters.”

Hostin claimed on ABC’s’ “The View” that Trump, who has raised millions in his effort to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election, was continuing to file lawsuits in an effort to keep that money rolling in. (RELATED: ‘You Have To Be Clearer’: Joy Behar Challenges Sunny Hostin Over ‘Defund The Police’ Narrative)


Hostin and her cohosts responded Tuesday to the news that the Electoral College had voted, declaring former Vice President Joe Biden to officially be the president-elect — and despite that news, Trump had persisted in saying that it was not over.

“You know, I think an attack on our democracy is always a problem,” Hostin began. “That’s a problem from the very beginning. These legal challenges have always been, I think, a cover for the grift that’s been going on. We know that President Trump has raised over $200 million. I often say this on the show, follow the money and you’ll understand the reasoning. He wanted to continue these fake legal challenges so that he could raise more money from his gullible supporters.”

Hostin went on to say that she believed Trump had pushed for his cases to go to the Supreme Court because he hoped “to exact a quid pro quo from the Supreme Court justices he appointed.”

“Ted Cruz offering to argue the case before the Supreme Court was, for me, so despicable and disgusting that I’m not surprised that they continue to reach this — to just lower the bar over and over and over and again,” Hostin concluded.