‘We Need To Remember’: Sunny Hostin Doubles Down On Blacklisting Trump Allies


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sunny Hostin made it clear Tuesday that she was in favor of blacklisting President Donald Trump’s allies.

Hostin explained on ABC’s “The View” that she believed anyone who had worked in the Trump or facilitated the implementation of his policies deserved to face consequences for what they had done. (RELATED: Sunny Hostin Complains That People Are ‘Questioning The Legitimacy’ Of A Biden Win)


Whoopi Goldberg began the segment with a tweet from Democratic New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in which she asked whether anyone was keeping an archive of Trump’s “sycophants” for future reference.

“Do you see deleted writings and tweets in the future? Is she trying to make sure they’re held accountable or is she advocating cancel culture?” Goldberg turned to Sara Haines for her take first.

Haines argued that making lists was reminiscent of McCarthyism and took a step onto a slippery slope. “She needs to do what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris said in their victory speeches. It’s time to cooperate and come together,” she added.

Goldberg then put the same question to Hostin, asking, “Is this the right direction to be thinking right now?”

“You know, I think that Trump tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op,” Hostin began. “I think that Trump ripped children from their parents. I think that Trump called NFL players ‘sons-of-bitches,’ I think that — for exercising their First Amendment rights. I think those people in his administration that not only drafted some of those policies but were complicit in those policies shouldn’t be forgotten.”

Hostin went on to lay out a few of the Trump allies she would put on a list, adding, “People like Kirstjen Nielsen, people like Stephen Miller, people like Kellyanne Conway, people like Vice President Pence who was woefully inadequate at his role of being the head of the Coronavirus Task Force and people like Ben Carson and Betsy DeVos, I don’t think those people should be able to profit from their experience within the Trump Administration.”

“And I don’t think that they should be forgotten, I don’t think we should look the other way. We need to remember because if you don’t remember things then past becomes prologue. I don’t think it’s reminiscent of McCarthyism at all,” she concluded.

Joy Behar weighed in last, and although she appeared to agree with Hostin that there were a number in Trump’s orbit who had either gone to prison or participated in “cruel” policies, she said the list had to take into account those who had “turned a corner.”

“I think you have to be specific about who you’ll target as collaborators. I’m in touch with the Mooch and Michael Cohen. I don’t think they belong on the list,” Behar explained, pivoting to agree in part with Haines as well. “You’re right, Sara, you don’t want to play their game. Every enemies list has been coming from the right. We don’t need to do it also.”