‘They Took Everything’: Bank Denies Help After Thieves Withdraw $23,000 From Man’s Account

(Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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Bank robbers were able to steal the money out of a Chicago man’s saving account without ever having to physically step foot into a bank, ABC 7 reported.

Edward Swanigan, mechanic and owner of an auto repair shop in Chicago, said more than $23,000 had been taken out of his account by the robbers, according to ABC 7. The criminals had reportedly gotten ahold of Swanigan’s debit card information and made several purchases at stores around the world.

“It was 2,3,4 10 transactions a day. Every day of the week,” Swanigan told the outlet. Swanigan explained that because he doesn’t do online banking or have a mobile app, he didn’t notice when he went to make deposits into his account.

“I don’t have an app or online for it. I’m not familiar with setting the phone up for that,” he told ABC 7. When Swanigan finally told the bank that the transactions weren’t his, he was reportedly told that he had waited too long to report it.

“They said it took more than 60 days to report it so there is nothing they can do for me,” he explained. “What’s the sense of having your money in the bank if you can’t feel like you can sleep at night worrying that somebody isn’t going to take it.” (RELATED: Robber Reportedly Threatens To Give Everyone In Bank COVID-19 If He Doesn’t Get Money)

Swanigan has filed reports with both the police and the attorney general’s office, according to ABC 7.

Banks are safe but wherever the money is, the criminals are going to go after it,” Director of Victim Support with the AARP Fraud Watch Network Amy Nofziger told the outlet.

Swanigan said he has been left devastated.

“It’s hard for me now because I have no capital to work with because they took everything,” Swanigan told ABC 7.