Hawaiian Officials Cite Dozens of Tourists Climbing Active Volcano For Selfies

GettyImages/Mario Tama

Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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Hawaii National Park Service rangers have caught dozens of individuals hiking to the top of an erupting volcano for a selfie, according to the Miami Herald.

The Kilaueu volcano began erupting on December 20th, spewing lava 164 feet into the air and emitting clouds of toxic gas. The volcano continues to erupt as of December 28th, reports the Miami Herald. (RELATED: Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea Erupts, Putting Thousands At Risk)

The National Park Service stated that, “Despite these potentially lethal hazards, park rangers have cited dozens of careless individuals intent on snapping a photo or video for social media bragging rights”.

The park has designated safe areas for viewing. However, none of these areas provide a view of the lava, which is why some individuals are putting themselves in danger for a closer look. (RELATED: Man Survives Fall Into Most Active Volcano In Hawaii)

Chief Ranger Jack Corrao said, “All it takes is a slight change in wind direction and these offenders could inhale a fatal dose of volcanic gas. One misstep or a crumbling cliff edge and they could plunge into the vast pit of molten rock or to the crater floor”, according to the Miami Herald.

In a news release, the National Park Service asks visitors not to enter closed areas, as “hazardous volcanic gases are billowing out the crater and present a danger to everyone”.