Anonymous Donor Cuts $100,000 Check To Family That Lost Everything In Pre-Christmas House Fire

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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A Texas family of 12 was the recipient of a generous gift from an anonymous donor after they lost everything due to a house fire.

Catherine Modlies and her 11 children from Harris County, Texas, were left homeless after investigators determined that the home was no longer livable, Fox 26 Houston reported.

An anonymous donor reached out to Natalie Hee from Fox 26 to begin the process of giving the family of 12 $100,000. In addition to donating money, the anonymous donor ensured that the family had a place to stay and food on their table.

Natalie Hee personally delivered the envelope of money to the family Monday. (RELATED: Mysterious Benefactor Returns Long-Lost Key To 900-Year-Old Tower)

“You’ve captivated the hearts of so many people across Houston including this anonymous donor who called me on Christmas Eve. Obviously, we have some promises that still need to be delivered. So here’s a belated Christmas gift for you. I was hoping you could open it,” Hee told Modlies.

Catherine explained that while 2020 has been one of the most difficult years she’s had, Houstonians like the anonymous donor have helped her to realize that everything will be okay.

“Everything’s going to be ok. It has to be! I thank y’all so much and I appreciate y’all so much. I never seen none of this coming. Never in my wildest imagination would I have seen none of this coming. We’re going to meet him one day. He cannot stay anonymous forever,” explained Modlies.

She went on to add that her wish for New Year‘s is that her family will have the opportunity to meet the anonymous donor one day, and be able to thank him.