CA Restaurant Owner Issued ‘Notice Of Closure’ Order For Allegedly Defying Outdoor Dining Ban

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The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura spoke with Bread & Barley owner Carlos Roman who was issued a “Notice of Closure” by the public health department after he allegedly defied the outdoor dining ban in Los Angeles County.

Roman used his vehicle to block a health inspector’s car after the inspector warned him that he would issue a set of fines for outdoor dining violations.

Health inspectors took photos of people dining outside while an officer then warned Roman that a tow truck was on the way to move his truck.

“I can’t do my job, I’m not gonna let him do his, I’m gonna stop him right here in his tracks,” Roman told Ventura about blocking the health inspector’s vehicle.


Roman was issued a Notice of Closure Monday along with paperwork that said his restaurant could continue to conduct business if it was delivery and take out only. (RELATED: California Restaurant Owner Starts Fund To Help Laid Off Restaurant Workers)

However, Roman said despite the paperwork permitting take out and deliver, along with drive through services, the public health department is “ignorant” on how restaurants actually work, noting the paperwork was conflicting.

Outdoor dining in LA and other areas in California is banned due to a recent spike in coronavirus cases. However, other business owners have defied the lockdowns, keeping their outdoor dining services open as well.

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