Media Publications Are Ignoring News Critical Of Raphael Warnock As Georgia Race Approaches Finals Days

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Most major publications have ignored police body camera footage showing Democratic Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock’s ex-wife calling him “a great actor” following a domestic dispute.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired the footage, obtained exclusively, on Dec. 22. The footage showed Warnock’s then-wife Ouleye Ndoye appearing to tell police in March that her husband is “a great actor” and “phenomenal at putting on a really good show” after he denied running over her foot on purpose.

Warnock wasn’t charged in the incident as police did not find damage to Ndoye’s foot.

Since the body camera footage aired, though, most publications have opted not to cover the domestic dispute in print. CNN, the Washington Post, NBC News, and the New York Times have all either completely or largely ignored the issue.

NBC News does not appear to have covered the incident in an article, although a brief video on the website mentions the details. The video’s description and title suggests that incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s campaign is “capitalizing” on the video.

The NYT also doesn’t appear to have written its own article on the dispute. It did, however, mention the video in at least one recent lengthy feature-type article about Warnock. In this article, the NYT put the blame on Republicans, writing that they’ve “tried to paint” Warnock “as a dangerous radical.”

“Republicans have tried to paint him as a dangerous radical, noting his denunciation of white privilege, his defense of Black pastors who have criticized the United States and his support of abortion rights,” the NYT wrote on Jan. 2. “Incidents from his past have come under greater scrutiny, including an arrest for which the charges were later dropped and an incident last year where his now ex-wife called the police after a conflict outside her home.”

The Washington Free Beacon published another incident regarding Warnock on Dec. 28. This incident surrounded his Church camp, which has come under scrutiny in the past. Anthony Washington, now 30 years old, told the Free Beacon that counselors at the camp “tossed urine on him” and “forced him to sleep outside,” according to the publication.

“I just wanted to get the hell away from that camp,” Washington said, according to the Free Beacon. “I didn’t want to spend another day there. … That camp was real messed up.”

That news came after a report alleging that Warnock’s camp was almost shut down due to various abuse and neglect allegations. Warnock was the senior pastor of a church that operated Camp Farthest Out in Maryland at the time. (RELATED: Attendee Of Warnock Church Camp Says Supervisors Doused Him In Urine, Made Him Sleep Outside)

The Democratic candidate was arrested in 2002 for allegedly interfering in a police investigation into allegations, although the charges were later dropped. Warnock and another reverend were repeatedly told not to interfere during police interviews, but he allegedly was “extremely uncooperative and disruptive,” a police report obtained by the Free Beacon indicates.

CNN, the Post, NBC News and the NYT have also not appeared to write up articles regarding the latest Free Beacon article detailing Washington’s alleged abuse while at Warnock’s camp. This media blackout comes as the Georgia runoff elections continue to heat up – Democratic wins in the state would result in the party having complete control of the country.

None of the publications immediately responded to a request for comment from the Daily Caller.