How Would You Describe 2020 In 3 Words?

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Before finally closing the book on 2020, the Daily Caller video team and special guest “Jasper McKinley” took to the streets of Washington, D.C., to see how people would sum up 2020 in just three words.

Watch as determined interviewees come up with ways to describe the eventful year.

One Washingtonian described the past 365 days as the “worst year ever.” Some echo her response. On the opposite end of the spectrum, one woman claims “it was amazing,” explaining that she had a fun year despite missing her friends and the ability to travel.

Another pair mentioned the word “needed.” When pressed on their word choice, one of the men explained that he thought the “world needed to take a step back,” to sit at home, have time to think and give nature time to heal. (RELATED: The Top 5 Biggest Meltdowns Of 2020)


Watch the full video to see the best answers!

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