After Reportedly Being Declared Dead From COVID, Former Miss Virginia Experiences Christmas Miracle, Comes Back To Life Minutes Later

(Photo by APU GOMES/AFP via Getty Images)

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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A Georgia woman and former Miss Virginia experienced a Christmas miracle after she reportedly came back to life minutes after being pronounced dead from coronavirus.

82-year-old Barbara Guthrie Lay from Roswell, Georgia had been taken to the hospital by her husband of six years, Tony Lay after she experienced difficulty breathing, WJLA reported.

Guthrie Lay who reportedly caught COVID-19 from her next-door neighbor passed away two days later on Dec. 22.

After her husband received a phone call that she had passed away, he began making difficult phone calls to family and friends regarding his wife’s death. Minutes later he received a phone call that his wife had a pulse. (RELATED: Hollywood Star Lynn Kellogg, Known For Her Role In ‘Hair,” Dies After Contracting COVID-19)

“I was overjoyed and tearful again,” Mr. Lay explained. “I went from being miserable and brokenhearted to overjoyed.”

Guthrie Lay reportedly is unaware that she momentarily passed away, and her family is still deciding when to tell her and how.

“I have always loved my wife,” explained Mr. Lay. “I just didn’t realize exactly how much until this happened and that I can’t live without her.”