‘I Wouldn’t Say Emasculated’: Hogan Gidley Says Trump Is The Most Masculine President To Hold The Office

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Hogan Gidley said Monday that President Donald Trump might be the most masculine president to ever hold the office.

Gidley, who served as the Trump campaign’s national press secretary, told Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer that he did not believe social media bans — across several popular platforms — had left Trump feeling emasculated. (RELATED: Trump Campaign Spox Accuses Press Of Covering For Biden ‘For The Better Part Of 50 Years’)


“With a social media crackdown, does he feel emasculated?” Hemmer asked.

“Look, I wouldn’t say emasculated,” Gidley replied. “The most masculine person I think to ever hold the White House is the President of the United States. What he does see is a systematic attack against not just him but against 75 million Americans that disagree with the socialist communist vision that Democrats have for this country. That is completely unfair.”

Gidley went on to say that Trump would certainly find a way to communicate with his followers once he left the White House, suggesting that creating his own platform might be a possible avenue.

Critics quickly responded to Gidley’s assertion, some offering alternate suggestions of presidents they believed to be more masculine.