‘Good Look Nancy’: Fox News’ ‘The Five’ Criticizes Pelosi For ‘Standing Atop The Suffering Of Others’ Over COVID-19 Relief

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Fox News’ “The Five” criticized Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Monday for “holding up” COVID-19 relief and her reproach to media criticism she received over delaying the bill.

Negotiations between Republicans and Democrats over the details of the bill went back and forth for months before a bill was finally passed on Dec. 21 and signed by President Donald Trump on Dec. 27. A number of Democrats signaled their support for previous versions of the bill without Pelosi’s agreement. (RELATED: Top Senate Dem Slams Pelosi Over Delays On COVID-19 Relief Deal)

“I wish more people in the media, including Leslie Stahl and 60 Minutes, would call Nancy Pelosi out on her holding up this aid before the election,” panelist Dagen McDowell said after viewing an October video of Pelosi being questioned by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “That was her political calculation as Dana pointed out, but they left $1 trillion thereabouts on the table, but again standing atop the suffering of others. It’s a good look, Nancy. Good look.”

“All she knows is politics. She has no idea how to come together on any type of compromise,” Brian Kilmeade said.

“The actual truth was she just wanted a bailout fund for liberal mayors and governors who couldn’t balance their books, and they need a little slush fund to help them get reelected. And then later she said oh yeah I obstructed because I didn’t want to solidify injustice,” Jesse Watters added.

One of the major aspects of the bill that Pelosi and other Democrats stood firm on throughout the negotiation process was funding for state and local governments. Republicans insisted on liability protections for larger businesses. Both items were eventually omitted from the bill in order for it to pass.

Juan Williams was the lone panelist to defend Pelosi saying that she and Trump “both wanted a $2,000 stimulus check in the mail boxes,” but it was Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “who would not bring it to a vote.”

“I do wish, on a serious note, that there would be somebody who thought more about the country, because we are in a terrible spot right now, and would go out of their way to compromise even if it means they don’t get reelected,” Kilmeade added. “I’m hoping someone will have the courage to do that. I’m not sure they’re on the roster.”