Dem Congresswoman: Other Reps Led ‘Reconnaissance’ Tours Pre-Riots

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Michael Ginsberg Congressional Correspondent
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New Jersey Democrat Mikie Sherrill accused her colleagues of aiding individuals who participated in the Capitol Riots.

Sherrill claimed that certain members of Congress “had groups coming through the Capitol that I saw on Jan. 5, a reconnaissance for the next day,” in a video posted to Facebook on Jan. 12. In the video, Sherrill explains that she supports impeaching and removing President Donald Trump from office for trying to “ensure that Congress could not certify the election.”

Sherrill did not further specify who those Members of Congress are, or who the individuals they led on the tours were. A representative at Sherrill’s Capitol Building office redirected the Daily Caller’s request for comment to a spokeswoman. That spokeswoman did not respond to the Daily Caller.

Other Democrats have implied that the Capitol rioters had inside help. Number two House Democrat James Clyburn claimed that rioters should not have been able to find his office. “The office with my name on the door was not touched.” However, there was “activity outside of my inner office where most people don’t know where that is,” Clyburn told CBS News. (RELATED: National Guard Members Sleep Overnight At Capitol Building)

Representative Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania, who will serve as a House impeachment manager, echoed Clyburn’s view. “Somebody must get to the bottom of how they, with such efficiency and such alacrity, moved themselves in mobs into [Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s] office. Into the whip’s third-floor office,” she said on a conference call, according to Politico.

Sherrill entered her second term as a Member of Congress in 2021. She previously served as a Naval officer. Sherrill opposed Nancy Pelosi’s successful bid for Speaker of the House in 2019, and voted present instead of supporting any Speaker candidate in 2021.