#1 Best Seller: Get The Apple AirPods 1st Generation For Only $128!

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AirPods are an incredible option for earbud fanatics. They are modern, comfortable, and stylish. However, you usually pay top dollar for this product. Everyone knows that deals on Apple products are few and far between, but we’ve done the research and found you a great deal on their coveted earbuds. Introducing the Apple AirPods 1st Generation!



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Get this product when. you click here for only $128.98, plus free shipping!

To get these AirPods to work, all you have to do is take them out of your charging case and you’re set! They’ll connect automatically via bluetooth connection for hours of fun. I’ve had a pair of these and they are some of my favorite earbuds I’ve purchased. Let me be the first to tell you, this product at the price is an unbelievable deal. The H1 chip embedded within these AirPods bring you stable, high-quality sound. (RELATED: Check Out The Newest Apple AirPods Pro For Only $219.00)

To access Siri, simply say “hey Siri” and she’ll respond to any question you may have. Ask her to switch the song you’re listening to. Maybe you’re curious about the weather. Siri can answer it all. You can even have her announce your texts as you receive them! When your AirPods run out of battery, simply plug them into the provided charger. It only takes a matter of hours to charge. In turn, you’ll get 24 hours of battery life per case charge. Trust me, this product is totally worth the money.


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With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from more than 290,000 customers, we’re sure you’ll love this product from Apple. Listen to what some customers just like you have to say about their purchase:

“These AirPods are amazing they automatically play audio as soon as you put them in your ears and pause when you take them out. A simple double-tap during music listening will skip forward. To adjust the volume, change the song, make a call, or even get directions, just say “Hey Siri” to activate your favorite personal assistant.”

“My son really wanted airpods but his parents thought that they were a waste of money so I bought them for him behind their back and he loves them!! He has wanted them for a while now and these are really good quality!”

“I have tried several “cheaper” imitations of AirPods and they were just ok. I have been waiting to get these and let me tell you, I’m sold. THESE ARE GREAT! As soon as I got them, I had to try them out. First of all, they paired with my iPhone XR, almost instantly. All I had to do was have my phone open and near the AirPods, while they were still in the charging case, open the lid and within seconds they paired! It displays the charge of both the AirPods and the case on your phone, too! Super cool! I selected one of my favorite Classic Rock bands and started jamming. The sound quality was awesome! These have a excellent Bass response, too.”

So, what’s the hold up? Get this product here for only $128.98 when you click here.


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