Macaulay Culkin Responds To Fan Petition Calling For Trump’s Removal From ‘Home Alone 2’

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot mrvideouploads1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1WngHOFYVQ)

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Actor Macaulay Culkin, best known for his childhood role in the “Home Alone” movie franchise, seemed to side with fans who want President Donald Trump removed from one of the films.

Culkin appeared to share his opinion early Wednesday morning on digitally removing Trump following the Capitol riot.

“Petition to digitally replace trump in ‘home alone 2’ with 40-year-old macaulay culkin,” a user tweeted Sunday.

“Sold,” Culkin responded Wednesday.

Culkin responded to another Twitter user that had removed Trump from the scene already on social media. (RELATED: What Was The Best Donald Trump Cameo?)

“Due to popular request I have removed trump from ‘home alone,'” the user wrote alongside the new clip.

“Bravo,” Culkin responded.

The movie, which was filmed in 1992, features a cameo of Trump at the Plaza Hotel, which he owned from 1988 until 1995, according to Fox News. In the film, Culkin asks Trump for directions to the lobby.

“Down the hall and to the left,” Trump replies in the movie.

A small fan petition has been circulating the web to have Trump removed from the film.

“‘Home Alone 2’ is tarnished,” the description of the Change.org petition said. “It has a racist stain on it in the shape of Donald J Trump. I petition that he be edited out of the film and replaced with Joe Biden.”