Channel Your Inner Ina Garten With These Discounted Cooking Classes!

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There’s a reason everyone suddenly wanted to test their luck at making the perfect loaf of sourdough bread during quarantine in 2020 — creating your own dishes from scratch is fun! Whether it’s fresh bread, casseroles for the family, or artisan desserts, spending time in the kitchen can be therapeutic, and being able to fill your family and friends’ mouths with delicious food can be incredibly rewarding.

But just because you can’t do much more than boil water for instant ramen noodles doesn’t mean you can’t become a whiz in the kitchen. But instead of Googling confusing recipes online, give yourself a real education with This Cooking and Baking Master Class Bundle. And at just $30 bucks, it’s way cheaper than culinary school.

Unlike other cooking courses, this program doesn’t just focus on one type of cooking. Jam-packed with seven different dynamic courses, you’ll explore different facets of the culinary world, from how to cook with healthy, clean ingredients to what it takes to whip up a sourdough pizza your friends will be talking about for ages.

Led by professional bakers, recipe developers, cooking instructors, and more, each highly-rated course is carefully crafted to be easy to understand, even if you’re just starting on your cooking or baking journey. Whether it’s informative lectures or content that encourages you to get your hands dirty, these online courses take the sting out of spending time in the kitchen, helping you to develop a new hobby you’ll depend on for years to come.

In addition to building your recipe repertoire and developing new skills, there’s even an entire course dedicated to how to perfectly capture your dishes on camera, turning regular meals into Instagram masterpieces! Who knows, you may uncover a hidden talent for food photography.

Right now, you can snag all seven courses in The Cooking and Baking Master Class Bundle at 97% off, making the program a mere $29.99.

Prices subject to change.


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