Joy Behar Says Marjorie Taylor Greene Is ‘Lethal’ For Republicans And ‘Democrats Will Be In Charge Forever’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar said Thursday that newly-elected Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene would be “lethal” for the Republican Party.

Behar argued on ABC’s “The View” that Greene should be left alone to divide the Republican Party because the end result would be that “Democrats will be in charge forever.” (RELATED: ‘She’ll Eat Him For Breakfast’: Joy Behar Warns Matt Gaetz To ‘Watch’ Himself Around Liz Cheney)


Cohost Sunny Hostin weighed in first, arguing that Greene should be stripped of any committee assignments, censured, or even removed because some of her social media posts had raised red flags and she had reportedly been tied to several conspiracy theories.

“She is just a treasure trove of misinformation. I not only think she should be deplatformed in terms of not being able to be on social media disseminating this kind of misinformation. She should probably either resign and certainly not be on a House Education Committee,” Hostin said. “Kevin McCarthy is supposed to have a stern chat with her. That does not work. That is not going to work. She should either be censured or removed from office.”

Behar was of the opinion that allowing Greene to continue to speak freely would ultimately do more damage to Republicans than anyone else.

“Get the straitjacket ready, baby. Get it ready,” Behar said. “Listen. She’s going to split the Republican Party. This type is lethal, lethal for the Republican Party, and it’s heaven for the Democrats. So go have at it, darling. Have at it. You want to stalk people on the street? You want to say let’s kill Nancy Pelosi? You want to go ahead and do things like that? And Kevin McCarthy says, ‘I’m going to give you a nice talking to.’ Well, go right ahead because the Democrats will be in charge forever.”