Man Arrested After Allegedly Shooting 5 Children, 1 Adult To Death In Oklahoma

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Authorities arrested a man in Oklahoma after he allegedly shot and killed five children and one adult.

Officers visited a home around 1:30 a.m Tuesday after receiving a call about multiple people being shot at a home in Muskogee, Oklahoma, according to the Associated Press (AP). When authorities arrived at the scene, four children and one man were found shot dead, the outlet reported. The fifth child reportedly died at a Tulsa-area hospital.

A woman was also shot and wounded but remained in stable condition Tuesday, officer Lynn Hamlin told the outlet. (RELATED: 26-Year-Old Mom Reportedly Kills Self And Toddler After Jumping From Overpass)

“It was not random obviously because they all did live in this home together, but as far as what all those relationships look like, we just don’t know that yet,” Hamlin told the AP.

Police do not have a motive for the shooting yet, but do not believe there were any other suspects involved, the outlet reported. “We’re very early in the investigation,” Hamlin told The New York Times. She described the scene as “terrible.”

“We’re not used to this at all,” she added. “We just don’t have details yet of the why or what happened other than we have five small children who are deceased and one male.”