Mike Rowe’s Dark Prediction For The Oil And Gas Industry Under Biden: ‘It’s Everybody That Is Affected’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Mike Rowe predicts more upheaval for the oil and gas industry under President Joe Biden after seeing oil and gas workers lose jobs.

“It’s a heartbreaker to hear them [displaced oil workers] treated in such a high-handed way,” the former “Dirty Jobs” host shared during his appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

“It’s everybody that is affected,” he added. “Our country is still united, more or less, and we have a workforce that’s either balanced or it’s not.” (RELATED: Mike Rowe Destroys Reader, Says Higher Education Is ‘Under Attack’ From ‘Within’)


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“When the workforce is fundamentally out of balance then the rest of us become disconnected from a thing that we rely on,” Rowe continued. (RELATED: Mike Rowe Points To 9/11 Hero As He Shares His Thoughts About Nike’s Kaepernick Ad Campaign)

He then noted that if a person doesn’t think the U.S. relies upon the Keystone Pipeline and other energy jobs like “petroleum-based products and fossil fuels,” then there will be a “ripple all the way to the coasts.”

“Just wait until we truly make them [the oil and gas industry] the enemy and disconnect ourselves so completely from that part of our economy that we really start to see the impact,” the TV host shared. “Then you’ll have 330 million people involved in this conversation.”

“You will realize that the unintended consequences of a signature and the elimination of 11,000 or so jobs will ripple all the way to the coasts,” Rowe said.

Biden signed an executive order Jan. 20 to cancel a permit critical to the building of the Keystone XL pipeline, destroying more than 11,000 jobs.