REPORT: Taylor Swift Sued By Theme Park Over Name Of Her Latest Album ‘Evermore’

(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

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Musician Taylor Swift was reportedly hit with a lawsuit over the name of her latest album “Evermore.”

The lawsuit, filed by Evermore Parks, accused Swift of trademark infringement after she released her album “Evermore” in December of 2020, Fox News reported Thursday. The theme park has a medieval vibe including baby dragons, dwarves, Knights and other magical elements, the outlet reported.

The CEO of the theme park, CEO Ken Bretschneider, claimed in the lawsuit that once Swift released her album “Evermore,” google search results for the theme park dropped, according to Fox News. (RELATED: Taylor Swift Sues Man After He Claimed She Stole The Name Of Her App)

Swift’s legal team refused to comply with a cease and desist letter from the theme park, calling the allegations “baseless,” the outlet reported. The legal team claimed Swift’s album “Evermore” was designed “in a way that is entirely distinct” from the aesthetic of Evermore Parks, Fox News reported.

Evermore Parks seems to be having monetary issues due to the coronavirus as well. Bretschneider confirmed on Twitter that the park was not closed, but that 2020 had been a “hard year.”

“Evermore is not out of business, but 2020 (Covid) made for a very hard year,” he wrote on Twitter in January. “We do care despite the few that are saying otherwise. We had to deal with real financial issues and continue to put our heart and soul and everything we have into this dream. Hoping for a better 2021.”