Taylor Swift Sues Man After He Claimed She Stole Her App Name

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

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Taylor Swift filed a lawsuit against a Long Island man who claims she stole the name of his company for her gaming app.

According to the New York Post, this lawsuit comes as a counter suit to one originally filed by computer company owner Patrick Benot in which he accused Swift of trademark infringement and other charges. Benot’s company name includes the phrase “Swiftlife” while Swift’s app was called “The Swift Life”.

Swift filed her lawsuit asking a federal court judge to require Benot to cancel his trademark “SwiftLife” and pay her legal fees. (RELATED: Taylor Swift Announces She’s Shutting Down Her App In February).

Honestly, Taylor Swift’s lawsuit seems a little absurd, but that is in typical Swift fashion (see above video). It’s a lot to ask someone to rename their company after it’s been around for 11 years just because she didn’t take the time to see if the name “Swiftlife” had been previously used.

She also shut her app down on Feb. 1 so why does she even care if his company still has that name? I’m a pretty big fan of Taylor’s music, but this comes off as a little selfish.

Benot filed his lawsuit back in July of 2018 after app users began contacting him to ask for technical help. He is seeking monetary compensation for the infringement.

I honestly didn’t even know Taylor had an app and if I were her, I’d just let this one go and cut the poor guy a break.