Rob Gronkowski On Coming Out Of Retirement To Win Another Super Bowl: ‘Hands Down, One Of The Greatest Accomplishments In Sports History’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Rob Gronkowski reflected on his decision Monday to come out of retirement and win another super bowl with his former Patriots teammate, Tom Brady.

“I remember after that win [2019 New England Patriots’ super bowl win] I was so done coming off the [field],” Gronkowski told reporters after the Buccaneers 31-9 win against the Chiefs at Super Bowl LV. (RELATED: Tom Brady Says The Buccaneers Have ‘A Lot Of Work To Do’ Before The Season Starts)

“I was like, ‘I am just glad it’s over,'” he recalled. ” Just the pain I was in, too. It was great to be a champ, but it just felt great to be done.”


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Gronkowski walked away from football a month later after having won three super bowls with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. “[I took] the year off, go through that journey,” Gronkowski explained. “Heal up. Get my mind right and just see the options out there, see everything play out and just come down here to Tampa Bay. Come out of retirement. I retired from being retired, which is pretty cool.”

Gronkowski ultimately decided to come out of retirement in 2020, taking his talents to Tampa Bay for one last campaign with Brady.

“Just coming down here [for] this journey, I saw the opportunity. I thought it was a great opportunity. I love Florida,” the Bucs player shared. “It was an opportunity to be in great weather and t-shirt and shorts and sandals basically every day going to work. That’s my style.”

“Just unbelievable,” Gronkowski added. “What a journey it’s been. What a story it’s been. What a start it was to the journey and what a finish. It’s for real. It was the real deal. Hands down, one of the greatest accomplishments in sports history.”

“I am not going to say it’s the greatest,” he continued. “But I would say it’s up there, for sure. To come down here to Tampa, come to an organization that was ready to win. Come down here to play with players, they are all fantastic players. Great guys. Just everyone overall. The story is just unbelievable and it definitely ranks up there as one of my biggest accomplishments, ever.”