‘Really Comparable’: Meghan McCain Pushes Impeachment, Says Capitol Riot Is Like 9/11 Terrorist Attack


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain compared the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill to the 9/11 terrorist attacks during a Thursday segment of ABC’s “The View.”

McCain said that the two events were “really comparable,” arguing that both were the type of event that forced a shift in paradigms for many who lived through the experience. (RELATED: ‘The Same Way We Treat Al Qaeda’: Meghan McCain Voices Support For Sending Capitol Rioters To ‘Gitmo’)


McCain, who has supported former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment from the beginning, spoke about how the trial had impacted her thus far.

“It’s disgusting. It looks like something out of a third world country or, like, a horror movie,” McCain said, saying that she had really felt the emotional impact of the assault on the Capitol as the trial played out. “It’s unfathomable. It almost doesn’t look real.”

She went on to say that the impeachment should draw a line that showed what could not be allowed to happen — and that line should extend to all riots, not just the one that occurred at the Capitol.

“That fine line for me isn’t only with the Capitol riots. It’s also when you are standing as a journalist on TV and there is a city on fire behind you and things are being rioted and small businesses are being looted,” McCain added. “There is no political cause which I justify violence or looting or burning things down or attacking people across the board, and I think we need to hold that standard no matter what, as Sara said, no matter what your political ideology is. No matter what it’s in the name for.”

McCain concluded by saying that the Capitol riot was like 9/11 in that it could change the way people view America going forward.

“I’m really heartbroken and gutted over this. This has actually been really hard for me to keep coming on and talking about. I think probably Americans at home, it’s probably hard for them to keep revisiting this. It is really comparable to 9/11 historically, in the sense that it’s a paradigm-shifting event,” she said, adding that she hoped for a quick impeachment so that the nation could move forward.