Meghan McCain Says Her Dad Wouldn’t Spit On John Weaver Or Steve Schmidt If They Were On Fire

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain said Friday that no one in her family would spit on John Weaver or Steve Schmidt if they were on fire.

McCain expressed her disdain for the two men in a series of tweets, noting that they had both been banned — along with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace — from attending the late Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain’s funeral despite working on his 2008 presidential campaign.

“My heart goes out to the victims of John Weaver, it’s abhorrent and evil,” McCain continued, saying that anyone who knew about Weaver deserved to be held accountable. “I hope that anyone who covered up for this never works in politics ever again.”

“What disgusts me so much is that anyone who would engage in such awful and potentially illegal behavior would use their media associations with my father to gain opportunities. My dad was betrayed by you, hated you for it, and we all know it,” McCain concluded.

Schmidt, a co-founder of the Lincoln Project, resigned from the group Friday after multiple people accused fellow co-founder Weaver of predatory sexual behavior toward young men.